There’s a big difference between a social justice warrior, and a social justice worrier. The terminology itself is so polarizing, I hesitated using it in the opening. See, worriers like myself spend lots of time THINKING about the right quip, tweet, or joke to answer our current problems. 

But Attorney Stacey Lee Merritt takes it a big step further. He’s out there on the front lines. You’ve seen him on MSNBC, defending Jordan Crawford opposite Rev. Al Sharpton, or next to Miss Black Texas after she was verbally assaulted, or standing in support of mothers in support of Jacqueline Craig. Simply put, if it’s about defending the people, the 34-year old father and member of Omega Psi Phi fraternity Inc. is just THERE. He has survived growing up in South Central Los Angeles, health scares, and even an Student Government Presidential run against future South Carolina Rep. Bakari Sellers (D), while at Morehouse. His resume checks out, but it’s not just the accolades, but a life of being about the action, that makes this golden state native a certified warrior.

​I think I am a product of my environment. Being born in Los Angeles California during the Cochran Era/Rodney King-LA Riots/South African Apartheid Struggle motivated me to become a lawyer, fight for social justice and oppose police brutality.​ While I was still in my formative years, I moved from Los Angeles California to Chiefland Florida which was a hotbed of uncivil brutality.

​Social Justice is the idea that the institutions within society​ should operate fairly and free from prejudice of any form

Classic means ​understanding and appreciating the ancestors and marrying their experiences to my own…


​I don’t think I can single out one person as having the largest impact on my development. I believe that it takes a village and there has been a community of people who have invested in different in my development.​

Without prayer I dont know how I would get through the week.

The same people that complain are unfortuantely, the same people that abstain (from action).

​We can all be great because we can all serve. ​I learned this at Morehouse College.

When he was known as “Lyric” photo courtesy @joecarlos

A year from now, WE will be toasting to the conviction of Roy Oliver. The introduction of new jury instructions concerning police misconduct and new policy concerning special prosecutors for police involved criminal allegations. ​

​When I think of President Obama I not only think of the barriers that he has broken, granting access to so many that look like me, but the grace and dignity in which he accomplished this task despite often uncivilized and obscene opposition.​
Black Men must be focused on ​whatever God has called them to do. ​

​Black women have shown an incredible amount of strength and resilience in navigating this country despite the intersectionality of opposition being both Black and female in a society that has shown open disdain and hostility for both.

The best part about being a member of Omega Psi Phi, Inc. Is having access to men dedicated to their communities, their faith, scholarship and overcoming barriers together. ​

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