13 Thangs with Harry Jones

Happy Father’s Day

    1. Where’s my Card?
    2. What’re you reading?
    3. Did you lock the front door?

These are probably the three most popular questions my Dad asks me. Whether its Father’s day, or I am returning home to my native Chicago for a show, or getting in from a show; the order is love, education, and security. These are classic Black father concerns. Here, my dad shares thirteen “thangs” he has learned over the years, on a special Happy Father’s Day post (we usually take Sunday’s off.)

So, this is like a card for him, that can be shared with anyone. Oh, and I’m reading “Every Little Step” by Bobby Brown, and the front door is open. Put on some Frankie Beverly and come in.

Harry Jones, 58.  Husband. Father. chess player. Cubs fan. This is him in the 70’s (I hope)

I never talked to my kids as babies because, I always wanted mature answers from them. My mom would say “open your mouth and don’t nod your head.” When I took my kids to church, and the preacher would ask if someone had a testimony of Gods grace and goodness, I would make them get up and say something. It would help them overcome any fears of public speaking.

Love is a funny, wonderful, emotional experience. Everybody should fall in love at least once in their lifetime, if not more. Everything you do is associated with them and how they will think and react to what you do. Sometimes its short-lived, and sometimes its for a lifetime.

Father of the bride

If you go through life and say you have three truly good friends, you are blessed. Good friends seldom visit because they stay out of your business.

There was six of us. We were all treated equally. If there was 1 hamburger and three kids, you cut the burger into thirds. Growing up in Chicago in the 60’s, the rules were

  • dont ask for anything
  • dont touch anything
  • dont embarrass me in these streets!

If you’re telling people about a story or an interesting thing that happened, don’t be the one the story is about, be the one telling the story.

Last year’s you should never meet the new year you. You should be always be better: ever growing, ever changing, ever improving.

Every son or daughter should experience working at their dads place of employment. You get to see that everyday other side of them. My dad never cursed at home, but out in the streets or at work, it was a different story. Home was sacred because as he always said “what happens in the house, stays in the house.” I live by that today.

There’s an art to cooking popcorn on the stove. No Jiffy pop. There’s a skill to pouring grease in a big black skillet without burning a single kernel. wow.

Phone. keys. wallet.

Edward Jones

Rosie Jones


The key to a productive day is getting three things accomplished. Go as hard as you can, go where you are called, and go Cubs.

There is a difference between a ride, a car, and an automobile. A “ride” is what you get from anybody going your way. A car is just 4 tires, an interior, and its washed one or two times a month. But, an AUTOMOBILE is that fine piece of machinery, which almost nobody can drive but the owner. It purrs when you turn the key (or push button). It looks good, smells good, and its your baby!!!! That’s an automobile.

My mom taught me “you have to study people, thats how you become wise.” She’d say “Harry, you see that guy over there? watch him. It don’t matter what his name is, watch him. Study his mannerisms and characteristics. Names change, but mannerisms stick.

Mannerisms stick.

Be careful of anyone who is friends with everybody. Honest people reveal themselves in small dosages.