Sometimes it’s more important for a situation to be right, than for you to be right.” – my mom

I’ve learned that no matter what I can accomplish in show business, the road would be much if I was a woman. Every time I get in the car, I dont necessarily have to check the backseat first. Little things like that make a difference. This isn’t about the undeniable strength women have, but a condemnation of how much of that strength is necessary to achieve some of the same goals. Being raised primarily by a single Supermother, you would think it goes without saying. However, a blog post comparing Black men as the “white men of Black people” had me arguing with the same women I felt I was always defending. Imagine being in 30 relationships and forgetting ALL the birthdays. I went 30/30. One by one, my facebook post was inundated with women of color who reminded me of the privilege I wield as a man in this society, while they constantly face a dual-oppressionary fight, as being Black AND a woman.

Regardless of my thoughts on the analogy, I was looking at the trees and not the forest. I apologize to any woman for ever not being an ally, even in defense of other men of color. Sometimes Its always better for the situation to be right, instead of me being right.

Speaking of people who put themselves before others. Not yours, not mine, but somebody’s President decided to rescind an offer to the NBA champion Golden State Warriors from visiting the White House, a tradition often exercised by champion teams from all four major sports. Here’s the problem, literally moments after they hoisted their trophies, the boys from Oakland said they wouldn’t go, and had no particular interest in sharing space with the commander-in-Cheeto. It’s like the rich kid has a birthday, has all the nice toys but is a fucking asshole. Months ago, The Finals MVP, Kevin Durant, said the president has been playing a major role in the escalation of racial tension in the United States and the public rise of white supremacists..

“He’s definitely driving it” Durant said. “I feel ever since he’s got into office, or since he ran for the presidency, our country has been so divided, and it’s not a coincidence. When [Barack] Obama was in office, things were looking up. Durant, a native of Washington DC who grew up 11 miles from the Presidents House. Continued “We had so much hope in our communities where I come from because we had a Black president, and that was a first.
“So to see that and to be where we are now, it just felt like we took a turn for the worse, man. It all comes from who is in the administration. It comes from the top. Leadership trickles down to the rest of us. So, you know, if we have someone in office that doesn’t care about all people, then we won’t go anywhere as a country. In my opinion, until we get him out of here, we won’t see any progress.”

When shit stinks, it stinks from the top.

Former MVP Steph Curry came out and said he would also not attend a pomp and circumstance through the rose garden. To which, Donald Tang replied “well since yall aint coming, yall aint invited!”
More NBA athletes came out to denounce old boy when Lebron James, tweeted “U Bum Steph Curry already said he aint going. So therefore, no invite. Going to the White house was a great honor until you showed up.” His criticism was lauded by social media, and even his staunchest critics were impressed by the direct stance he took, though…

Even when I agree with Lebron, the shade is still necessary

As a long-time Bulls fan, Ive seen this movie before. After seeing the Bulls win three championships, and watching the city come together regardless of race, creed, gender or economic background to support them, it suddenly all came to an end. The city had to embrace a new leader who played the same position, but we just didnt recognize. it was as if this player was on the wrong team at times. We worried that we couldnt respect the leader of our squad as we were let down game after game. And now, as we look to the oval office that lets us down tweet after tweet, Its safe to say we have finally found someone who wears #45 worse than Michael Jordan.

#45 is just bad news

“If a player wants the privilege of making millions of dollars in the NFL,or other leagues, he or she should not be allowed to disrespect our Great American Flag (or Country) and should stand for the National Anthem. If not, YOU’RE FIRED. Find something else to do!” Trump, the same guy who avoided serving in the military repeatedly and finessed a high draft class, approximately 356 out of 365 to avoid service, is an aubiter of patriotism? His Draft folder is overrun with deferments This bald eagle told a group of supporters that if a “son of a bitch wants to kneel instead of salute the flag, he should be kicked out”

“Bet you won’t Say it to my face” responded 90% of the NFL.”

Bully’s have to be handled by bully’s. But we can’t just order a bunch of offensive lineman to smack Donald around. They refuse to even go to his house. What are our solutions?
Impeachment? Actually control the leader by replacement. Sure, but then you have Pence right after him, we would have to keep impeaching until we get the only qualified candidate. I’m a lot like Prince’s father in purple rain when it comes to impeachment, I’ll never be satisfied.

We could always protest. Alter the way big business goes about their business by changing our support. Here’s the problem, when you boycott a business, it’s not the CEO’s who suffer, it’s the little people. If We decide to boycott Famous Ray’s Pizza, Ray the owner will still have a mansion, while Ray, the cashier will be out of a job. Remember our Uber boycott?

If the NFL isn’t around, you’ll have hundreds of minority athletes who have been trained to use their physical prowess since they were toddlers suddenly out of work, and lord knows we have enough bouncers with attitude problems.

When you want to protest but you’re Ray Lewis

That’s how our monetary system works, there’s always victims. What if we deleted the system altogether? Professional Sports is water damage, the patriarchy is is a moldy wall, and our voting system is a rush of blood to the head as confusing as the electoral college. The problem is a leaky roof called capitalism.


Who I propose for 2020, is all of us. We spend too much time fighting social media battles, with no real change occurring. Sometimes You control alt delete and start over, and sometimes you gotta go up on that roof and get to work, or just throw the whole damn computer out.