Quincy Jones is spilling tea, kool-aid, that thick Alaga syrup and everything else left to tell from his 84 years on this earth. Some stuff we knew already

1. Producers today are trash

2. He’s got 22 girlfriends all over the world

3. He almost went upside 2Pac’s head, (or tried to get head from him, it’s hard to tell)

But the producer of “Thriller” has been revealing never known/never should be known information. Between interviews with GQ and Vulture, he’s got a story on everybody. Here are 5 WTF moments

1.  Marlon Brando smashed ALL the homies
“Marlon Brando would fuck anything! He’d fuck a mailbox. James Baldwin. Richard Pryor. Marvin Gaye.”
Wait. Whet? James Baldwin, makes sense. Richard Pryor admitted to giving head to junkies in his stand-up. But Marvin??? Im just finding out Malcolm X was a bisexual sex worker, but apparently EVERYBODY was getting down. Homosexual and interracial stirring of the pot makes the 60’s seem even wilder than previously imagined. Quincy says Marlon would smash “anything” but those three guys inferred that he mighta have had a fever for a certain flavor. The talent alone of Pryor, Baldwin, and Gaye* alone, who else could get them in the same room?

                                                                                    Marlon Kardashian

2.  Prince once told Janet to “fix her f***in face” …in her own house
“Well, we sat at a table that held 24 people, at his house, family table, I said, ‘Michael…Smelly, (20) you sit over there so he doesn’t feel like we’re ganging up on him.’ It started off funny. Michael said, ‘I never been to Minnenapolis.’ [Prince] said”—snapping angrily—” ‘It’s Minneapolis!’ Oh God…man, this is not going too well. Then Janet went by. [Prince] said, ‘Relax your lips, girl.’ And it was not going well, that’s for sure. Then we went upstairs, and he saw the chimpanzee and the snake, he said, ‘Now, that’s interesting.’ And then he says to me, ‘He doesn’t need me on this—it’s going to be a hit anyway.’ Which is true.” This whole thing is too much. Only someone of Quincy’s stature could sit in a room calmly as Prince checked the sh*t out of thee Janet Jackson. THATS control.

HE told Janet to fix HER face. Then passed on a Michael Jackson record, but keep telling yourself he would have been honored to be on stage with Justin Timberlake

3. Malcolm X was his dopeman
“Every time we’d go to Detroit, at the Majestic hotel, standing in front, with his Italian shit on and amber glasses: Malcolm X. Detroit Red. That’s where we bought our dope. It was before he went to prison.”
It’s an honor to have heard Malcolm deliver a speech at the prime of his popularity in the nation of Islam. But to have his number on speed dial to cop directly from Detroit Red puts Q in the upper echelon of Blackdom.

“ahem, the movie COULDA been 6 hours long”

4. White women were indeed trophies… to beat white men’s ego into submission
” It was freedom, man. Do what you want to do, and nobody can tell you what to do. Charlie…I used to go to things with Charlie Parker, man—boy, he’d have everybody smoke some weed and he’d have, like, the founders of Sears Roebuck, the ladies walking around the pool, all of them nude, man. Him playing alto, buck naked dancing around the pool. Them cats didn’t play.” The undisputed “King” of White women, in his own words,

“and DIDN’T run after i did it…”

5. John Kennedy’s murder could have been in Goodfellas
Who [killed Kennedy]?
“[Chicago mobster Sam] GiancanaChicago gangster Sam Giancana is a well-known name among Kennedy conspiracists, both for his alleged help in delivering Illinois votes for Kennedy in the 1960 presidential election and the 1963 assassination of the president. The latter theory largely stems from Giancana’s murder in 1975, not long before he was supposed to testify before a Senate committee investigating collusion between the mob and the CIA. . The connection was there between Sinatra and the Mafia and Kennedy. Joe Kennedy — he was a bad man — he came to Frank to have him talk to Giancana about getting votes.” Now I gotta rewatch JFK, with a jazzy soundtrack from Q playing in the background. Snitching on the mob, even in 2018 is taking IDGAF to a new level.